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Storage and shipping


Storage and shipping

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Product packaging
The bag material such as dry vibrating material and castable material is packaged in three layers of imported kraft paper bag and has a moisture-proof film inside, which is heat-sealed and sealed to block moisture;
The plastic material is packed in a carton, the imported carton is made of imported high-strength corrugated paper, and the inner thickened plastic bag is sealed to extend the shelf life of the material;
Plastic mud and paint are sealed with new plastic barrels to block air and have a beautiful appearance.
Tray packaging
1. Packing wooden pallets, using fumigation-free trays or fumigation outlets for export;
2. The plastic film is placed on the bottom of the tray, and the large plastic bag of the whole tray material is covered with moisture proof;
3. The automatic baler is wound and packaged as a whole to ensure the packing strength and sealing.