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Design and service

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Sino-Foundry Refractory can provide customers with professional engineering design services such as refractory lining structure design, 3D drawing and furnace lining heat balance calculation; we can design a complete refractory configuration according to customer requirements, or simulate lining according to customer's current design. Heat loss, temperature drop and case temperature.
The company's designers have taken into account the current rising energy costs and environmental requirements, using a large number of nano-insulation materials and insulation materials in the lining and lining design, saving customers a lot of energy costs.
Sino-Foundry Refractory sales service personnel have worked in well-known foundry companies for many years, understand the application environment and use requirements of products, provide customers with more intimate and professional services; can help customers solve practical problems encountered at the scene, exempt you from using products After the worries, we can also propose refractory solutions based on changes in the customer's equipment and processes, and become a refractory consultant that customers can trust.
Unshaped refractories can only reflect the value of materials in the installation on site, and high levels of construction have a great impact on the final performance of amorphous refractory products. Zhongzhu New Material Industry can provide customers with professional construction technical guidance and complete written construction process.